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I have been working towards my first 1/2 this year and Recovery is the drink I use after hard workouts and runs! I love the taste! It has also replaced any other drink I had during the day. It's just a great drink that makes me feel good. I also drink the Ignite and Endure. The whole product line is just a great boost to my day and workouts! Plus I love the support they give to the Navy Seal Foundation.
-Roger B.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Sooo I work overnights, have 2 girls, and want all the gains. How does one manage? This stuff. Ignite gives me just enough of a boost to be able to push myself through either a CrossFit WOD or my Oly Lifting programming (or both) and I don’t get jittery, tingly, or left with a tasty after taste in my mouth. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
-Steph S.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Kill Cliff is not only an incredible product, but an all American business that I'm proud to support. Their products keep my gym properly fueled throughout all stages of the training calendar. No matter the workout, Kill Cliff® has a product to help. Customer service is second to none. They understand that you do business with people, and they really take the time to get to know you and your vision. I'm proud to be a KC customer and a supporter of the Navy SEAL Foundation
-James N.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Wholesale FAQ's
Let us answer your questions
  • Why Sell Kill Cliff®?

    Because losing sucks and losing is for losers. Experience 100% more winning with KILL CLIFF®sup>/div>
  • How does each Kill Cliff® product line differ?

    -IGNITE is a perfect blend of 150mg of natural caffeine, b-vitamins, and electrolytes to support hydration and energy. Drink before workouts, long days or whenever you need to get fired up!
    -Kill Cliff® is a specialized blend of plant extracts, enzymes, B-vitamins, and electrolytes to support hydration and post workout recovery. Drink whenever you need to get back to full speed.
    -Crack open a Kill Cliff® CBD to get your mind, body and taste buds back on track. Enjoy 25mg of CBD with electrolytes, B-vitamins, no sugar, and of course... a killer taste.
  • How can I get a fridge?

    Fridges are available for purchase here. Check out our other POS items available here.
  • What's the deal with subscriptions?

    Your subscription is fully customizable to fit your needs. It will also guarantee you the best price on our products. Check out the benefits of subscribing here.
  • How many cans are in a case?

    A case contains 24 cans, but keep in mind that it will arrive as 2 12-packs. Your wholesale pricing only applies to full, single-flavor cases.
  • What is the recommended retail price?

    We recommend an everyday price of 1 for $2.99 or 2 for $5 for CORE products, and $6.99 for CBD.
  • What is the shelf life?

    We ship up to 60 days before the best-by date, but it is normal to receive product with 180 days or more of shelf life. Kill Cliff® is shelf-stable at any temperature but is best enjoyed ice cold!